**let me know what you are buying so I can update the list accordingly**

Blu-Ray (not DVD unless they don’t have Blu-Ray, combo packs are ideal):
***Brian wants to try Disney’s new streaming app when it launches in November so we’re holding off on Disney/Pixar movies for now.

Puzzles (200-500 pieces)- doesn’t have to be “kid-themed”, puzzles we have include hot air balloons, fairies, mountain scene, and unicorn theme.

3-D Pen (need to get link from her art camp instructor)

Twisty pet (this is an example from Amazon:
**Amazon didn’t have a lot of choices, you can also check Target or Walmart, if you get them from Amazon, I think she’ll like the above one the best.

Barnes and Noble gift card (she wants a few books from a couple series but not sure which ones she wants)

Michaels gift card

Grow your own crystals kit

Glow in the dark paint

Big canvas

Pom Pom kitty

**to help w/your shopping/own ideas:

– Lily is not really into princesses anymore.

– she still wears dresses/skirts (if you see a couple that you think she will like).

– She still likes art and crafts, but has moved away from coloring books.